I am an experienced author and facilitator of writing courses.  I love writing - "I breathe therefore I write" is my tagline and just about sums me up as a person.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than one of my students achieving... and some have gone on to achieve critical acclaim.

I have currently taken a sabbatical from running courses to give me the time and space to concentrate on some areas of interest in my crafting life, and the necessary space to concentrate on getting Toby's legal case through the system, and the rehabilition provision organised.

I am though now finding time to work on pieces of fiction that I have had sat around since 2006 - much to my delight ! - and am working on my journal writing. 

So much of what has happened to us in the last few years has been catastrophic, and I was finding this toxic, overwhelming and extinguishing the joy I have traditionally experienced when writing fiction.  So I had a decision to make either I can become another victim or put my grief to good use.  The choice was easy, so I am writing our story for publication at some point in the future. 

It is hoped that this will raise much needed funds and awareness for brain-injury rehabilitation, along with offering support to others like myself and our family, who have been abandoned by the care system, left to survive with whatever tools they have to hand. 

In my case I have quite a well-stocked toolkit, with writing being the most powerful and therapeutic, along with my shield and weapon of choice.