I am an established writer and practicing crafts person with a passion for exploring/challenging the possibilities of textiles as a medium for artistic expression. I specialise in combining arts and crafts with contemporary design to produce textiles and objects that are both practical and desirable.  

I don't use complicated looms, techniques or equipment to produce my garments and installations, preferring to create work with simple constructions.  This way I enjoy and engage fully with the process, rather than drowning in technicalities, and the finished item is something which has come into being "through" a slow and deliberate production journey not "because" of it. 
Simplicity of construction along with quality of materials will ensure a welcome addition to your wardrobe or wall, or a bespoke present for a treasured friend or that special occasion.

I had been working on my textile folio and collecting together work from my notebooks, dialogues and essays until a few months ago, when my personal life spilled over into my creative.

So I have taken another route and will return to this project in the future where it is intended that the exhibition will showcase my colourful and tactile textiles, whilst sharing my inspirations and the writing which inform my creative process with you. (in other words a sneaky peak behind the scenes!).

My work has been featured in Guild and the Yarn Forward Magazine as well as being hung in themed exhibitions throughout the UK.  I conceived and was involved with the creation of the SpinDyeWeavers, a Bristol textile project in 2009, and continue to work on the development of workshops attractive and accessible to all levels of textile enthusiasts.

Current Member of:
The Slow Cloth Movement. Read about the concept:  Elaine Lipson - Sloth Cloth
Heritage Crafts Association
Textile Forum South West
Arts Matrix
Bristol Creatives
UK Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers
Handweavers Guild of America
Complex Weavers

Polite Note: my textiles, designs and workshops have been produced and are run without support or funding from the craft council, lottery or other government agencies.  Therefore a charge is made for my time when collaborating with others who are - this does not apply though to initial consultations.