Monday, 7 September 2015

I’m in love……

with writing again…


In a moment of whimsy a couple of weeks ago (and because it was in a sale…) I bought a dipping pen and ink at the NT Coleridge Cottage.  Their logo all over the place is a quill – no doubt because its sole claim to fame (apart from being some sort of meeting place over the years) was Coleridge lived there at some point, and is reputed to have written some of his most famous poems whilst under the influence of drugs, booze, friendship and family life – well that is what I took away from the guided tour, along with the overwhelming smell of spices, dodgy dressing up and some naff souvenirs – oh not forgetting the obligatory guide book !!

I am now sorry that I was so dismissive now of the tat…

On the weekend the urge hit me, the muse rattled my brain, and as I didn’t want to disturb household, and felt that I was using that as an excuse not to write - I got to my desk and opened up the dip pen pack and wrote…and wrote….. and wrote…..

My internal editor cussed me, threw his eyes to the skies and left… (yes my internal editor is a man… he has to be as he is quite a contrary and analytical being..),

  • The absence of the computer buzz was the first thing I noticed.  I could concentrate on the noises around me. 
  • Then I realised I was at the wrong height for writing – and when I organised myself – I realised I was now at the right height for not only writing, but reading – my glasses now work…
  • After creating a few pages, and a lot of mess – the penny clicked, lightbulb went on – etc.etc..  My writing now “looked” authentic, the pages wrinkled and covered in ink blots (and to be fair so now did my desk !!)
  • Immersed in my writing, I was now cold, so I grab the nearest thing to me which was an old shawl and carried on writing, my thought process unbroken.
  • Finally, when I finished – the ink hadn’t dried on any of the pages and the importance of blotting now hit home – along with dip pen rests and other paraphernalia of the age before steam – so it wasn’t set dressing after all !!! 

My work looked authentic…. bugger the actual words on the page – it looked pretty – all wrinkly and arty farty – studious and informed – academic… 

and then guess what, after the third and fourth page, and then returning to it today – my writing got even better – there was some interesting handwriting as well as prose emerging.    Also my brain played tricks with some of the unfamiliar words and that took me off in other creative directs..

As a plus I have now been able to sit at the desk for a couple of hours and actually get on with some of the administration which makes my life tick (well after sorting out the pile of rubbish underneath the desk, so I could get my legs in…!!).

I can’t wait until writing time again tomorrow now…..

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