Friday, 28 August 2015

It’s has been a long time..

It has been a long time my friends since I have had the mental “space” and capacity to blog.  It seems that one thing after another conspires to complicate my world Smile

Then I sort of got to thinking this morning, actually typing really isn’t the only way to write – especially if you have injured a finger or two – I can use a pen and paper.  It has been so long since I have been able to actually reach the “wood element” of my desk - I can’t remember actually undertaking that activity !!  Even my computer keyboard is precariously balanced on top of odd sheets of paper which may or may not come in “useful” – a bit of a metaphor for my life… !!

We went to the National Trust house that Coleridge lived in for three years during his journeys around the West Country yesterday, and I found it quite thought provoking for several different and inspiring reasons.

He moved to the cottage to get away from the chaos and diversions of his everyday life and to concentrate on living a simpler life in which he could write.  (For this – please read his poor wife just had to cope with the very basic of amenities and a husband who was incredibly self-centred if somewhat brilliant to the outside world !)

The Georgian-dressed house has rooms set out – as if in a stage setting, as they would have been in the period, even though it has been lived in and had other uses, therefore extended, significantly since Coleridge’s day.  There are even guides dressed in pseudo-historic costume – appropriate to the area and period, but unfortunately not authentic material etc.   I was though quite impressed with them.

But the real downside was for me was that I wasn’t allowed to be still and think in the rooms.  Someone was insistent on telling me everything I wanted to know and feel – everywhere !!!! Even in the contextual rooms….

Sometimes stillness and being able to soak in the atmosphere is as important as “knowing”.

Secondly, where was the Writer in Residence?   Nobody seemed to know….

Good job we have the internet nowadays then…. Rose Collis !!! and there are workshops there – dates on tinternet…

So I presumed it was Coleridge, enjoyed looking at his desk (well the mock up) and suddenly it twigged.  He had absolutely no distractions (well apart from how to live, noise of the family – his mates popping in every five minutes, how to pay the bills and feed his muckers – that kind of things !).  It was an empty of any clutter, devoid of prevarication !!!!

So this morning, I have spent it clearing up my “working place” – looking up what needs to be done for this blog – sorted out “important” rather than “urgent stuff” and my world is a more organised place for early morning writing…

Job done then….

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