Thursday, 30 July 2015

Two blogs in one week.

There must be a full moon !!

Yes there is one on Friday….

So I thought I would have a little bit of a spring clean of my noticeboard…..


My preoccupation over the past few months has been trying to get to grips with painting – in watercolours – realistic rock faces.  I know – I probably stand a better chance of climbing the cliff face than achieving perfection – but it keeps me “chirpy”

Spending so much time at The Quarry in Worle and at Brean Down – with rock faces surrounding me – I felt the need to try to capture what I was seeing… 

The colours and shapes are vibrant and very tactile – and linear !! so I guessed that any work I did on this would not be wasted as I could use them as source material for my weavings.


Photographs don’t capture the shades and tones of water on the carboniferous rocks and neither do my words… this book though written by Howard and Rosie Smith covers the history and geology of the area with delightful watercolours.   I though have yet to see the sea the colours that Rosie paints them, but I live in hope !!


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