Monday, 27 July 2015

Madame Seafarge



So what have I been doing since I last posted… I have been painting, studying, reading and generally clearing up. 

We are spending most weekends at Weston or Brean, waiting for the Young Squire to go about his activities and then meeting up for a game or two or cards.  So I am undertaking a massive amount of plein air painting – and listening to Classic FM – whilst waiting to be summoned. 

I haven’t done this much painting since being in Art College – which I discovered today was 20 years ago.  The reason I was reminded of this today was I found some of my old notebooks…


I found this doodle – which was something I had going around in my head during a lecture – reminds me a bit of the Arts and Crafts stuff I am pursuing at the moment.  Definitely looks like an Edwardian pose !

This morning I was reading through some beginner artist books to recommend to a young friend, and could find nothing except watercolour advice.  I am sorry, but I think we all agree watercolour is the most difficult thing to get your head around when starting out – even if it is probably the easiest to carry around ! Water never seems to be very far away from anything I am painting !!

This weekend enforced leisure time – depending on your point of view (and the weather !!) – is either cathartic and enviable – or the stuff of nightmares.  I felt more like Lawrence of Arabia the other week – faced and blinded by a sandstorm , than someone in a holiday hot spot in the middle of July !!

We are also watching a number of people – holiday makers I presume – getting stuck in the mud – literally.

Whilst providing some unintended entertainment – I have found myself studying Tide Times far more diligently than previously – whilst conscious that knitting makes me feel more like Madame Seafarge – knitting away whilst waiting to watch the inevitable meet their fate.

The National Trust at Brean have appointed an Artist in Residence – or depending who you speak to – “Artists”. 

The only information I can find tonight can be found here: Sense of Place.

I was disappointed to note that this isn’t going to be accessible to disabled people (particularly wheelchairs – which can’t even get onto the sand from the ramp incline)  – the very group of people – incredibly varied from young children through to elderly - who would appreciate something to activate mind – as access to the Down is very limited.

But I am quite interested in follow up this theme, as I find the Seaside contains so very many of my early memories, and entwined in my childrens’ lives as well. 

Minehead (Butlins), Haven Holidays at Exmouth, Brean Sands (caravans) – some of the local areas that I am visiting now – hold very special memories. 

Mostly being trapped in caravans with very small children in pouring rain – ah those were the days…. Winking smile 


Still – things have progressed, today I always have my knitting !!!


I haven’t totally given up on the spinning – but I have been struggling with hip problems (too much sitting around + too much weight = mobility issues).

So I have been using the time to finish off all the WIPs that have been hanging around for the last couple of years (or so !!), and using up wool which somehow seems to have filled every available crevice in the house…

This attention to “doing” rather than sitting at the desk – means a lot hasn’t been indexed, photographed and my Ravelry housekeeping and blogging seems to have fallen by the wayside. 

But now I have unearthed my computer – I shall be back Smile

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