Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Tale of the Easter Sunday Snail


A snail has captured my heart…

Rupert the snail

He is actually Rupert Bruce Phethean-Hubble and was born to Holly and Joshua – Easter Sunday – which was the 5th April (For you accountants out there – that is the start of the tax year and for those equally interested and Jane Austin Fans of Gossip - one year, one week after their wedding…)

Little man was 9ib 4oz and all are doing well – and the baby - if somewhat lacking in sleep. 

Why Snail I hear you ask?  I haven’t got a clue, except I am thankful that it wasn’t a rat or perhaps a squirrel (the latter, whilst cute is not easily spellable !).

But, whilst on the subject of the Easter Sunday Snail, I came across this article in the British Library blog:

Knight v Snail

Where the significance of the snail engaging in combat with a knight in margins of historic manuscripts and the knight losing!  is discussed…

All Joshua could say is – where do I find these things?  I wonder also…Winking smile

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