Friday, 5 December 2014

Verb: Blog


I love the action of blogging – it centres and focuses my mind and organises me…

I blog because I have something to say, or don’t ! – depending on what day of the week it is… my mood, and how much time I have to hand.

I am torn, because whilst sitting and writing, I am not doing, or finishing, or cleaning, or sorting anything in the “real” world.

Many of my blog pieces are here as rough drafts and then I work them up into finished articles and appear elsewhere, barely recognisable, and usually under someone else’s name (yep !! not everyone writes their own posts !!).

Many equally are here, because it is what has exploded into my brain during a free writing session and I fancy just putting it “out there”.

Surprisingly, this isn’t usually the knitting stuff – that is entirely personal and a mess of my own making…!!

If you are reading my blog – enjoy it for what it is – but don’t confuse the words and deeds expressed within as knowing me as a person.

Nobody knows me – not even me….

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