Thursday, 11 December 2014


used to be my middle name.

When people said to me they didn’t know how I fitted everything in, in my life – I used to look incredulously at them, and my attention used to return to my To Do list and the in-box, ploughing on regardless.  Often over and on top of people, as the crow flies, unerring on my course.

I emerged from my duvet cocoon where I have taken to hibernating in, first thing in the morning, whilst watching YouTube videos on worthy subject matters such as Weaving or Painting

Ooh I had forgotten this one…

or on what artists do with their day…

Then I levitate downstairs to watch a few programmes on cooking and baking (historic Floyd in Spain, Jamie Oliver with what he can do in 15 minutes – mind boggling -  plus three editions of the Great British BakeOff 2013 – all in the name of research and professional development you know !).

As an aside did you know the first cook book was written by Richard II’s Master Cooks - Forme of Cury. ?  See who says these programmes contribute to the dumbing down of the nation…?

Needing some fresh air, I sorted out the path in the garden, listening to the gentle tones of the neighbours complaining about seasonal leaf falls.

I then attempted some multi tasking by spinning of Welsh Wool, knitted some rows on a baby cardi I am designing and made some fresh coffee to eat with homemade Bara Brith, which gave me the strength to make some Raspberry Jam.

Oohps, I almost forgot I also washed the net curtains, and tackled the wash pile which was growing – and loaded the dishwasher..  woman’s work you know…


Now I am knackered again…. or perhaps I just forgot to breathe?

So I have retreated to my bedroom to study the Level 2 Nutrition and Health Course I am doing (so I can challenge the snide remarks which are made about dietary welfare by professionals – I use that term loosely….).

Change my pillowcases whilst waiting for the computer to upload.

Yep – I don’t do a lot with my day, do I….. !!!  But the jam is delicious….

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