Sunday, 10 August 2014

Whatever the weave of this life that you've spun…

“ When the last ship sails”  “When the boat comes in”

Ships, boats – all kinds of marine activities – are an analogy that we hear all over the place – in music, word and picture.. taken to mean/portray bad times or good times…

Sounds kinda pompous when written like this – but I have been listening lately to a fantastic album by Sting – When the Last Ship Sails

Amazon’s description

“16-Time Grammy Award winner Sting's album The Last Ship features music inspired by Sting’s play of the same name and explores the central themes of homecoming and self-discovery.”

and I couldn’t sum it up better myself – so won’t. 

I originally heard this album, being played live by Sting and Jimmy Nail – after I rolled in late one night and was doing some channel roaming in an effort to quiet my mind.  I caught some lyrics…

In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son,
And whatever the weave of this life that you've spun,
On the Earth or in Heaven or under the Sun,
When the last ship sails.

I suppose that is a “hook”?  whatever the technological term – it spoke to me, resonated emotionally, and I could relate to the rest of the tale - I was “hooked”. 

“Weave of this life that you have spun” – yes I can work with that analogy and thinking about it and writing about it brings tears to my eyes – emotionally very personal.  I love the life I have woven and much of it has been “spun” by me…. it all just gets a bit muddled at times… I think it is fair to say. 

The rest of the album is a musical tale – which I can visualise and cast Catherine Cookson characters playing out the parts.  I was particularly haunted by a folk tale involving Brunel – each song references different musical styles – clog dancing, Elvis impersonators, sea shanties – rhythmic rolling and folk timbres – even some spoons in there (my Dad could play the spoons !). 

So why am I writing about it in my blog? – this isn’t really a review – I am just sharing with you something which is having a profound and personal influence in the soundtrack of my life at the moment. 

I am baking cakes, sorting washing and singing along – the songs are haunting me and becoming part of me. 

It is becoming – fleetingly – part of the life that I have spun and woven with…


Sat on the Docks yesterday watching the Cabot come in, sitting in the pouring rain – chatting with my son about his sailing adventures… good times…

(I have put an Amazon Link to the last ship – any monies raised from goods purchased through my site are donated to a head injury charity, or used to purchase art/craft materials which are given to a brain-injured person in the community who is not “funded” - my way of giving back to a community which has given me so much support…)

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