Friday, 15 August 2014

Toby’s Fisherman’s Gillet

I have spent a long time today trying to get my head around computers, IT and PDF file hosting.


Because I really won’t be defeated by technology…..

I want to convert:



Back 1

So that others can knit the pattern if they want to and I can repeat this pattern in years to come – because I can feel in my bones this Gillet is going to be repeated a couple of times once Toby decides that it really is warm. 

The idea sounded an awful lot easier than it actually was.  I now have a REALLY bad headache !!! and not a lot of knitting or cooking has been done…in fact not a lot of anything has been done – except I now understand how to do a lot more with Google Drive than I did at the start of the day.

If that wasn’t enough I started working on my cookbook today – now that has driven me to the edge of insanity!

I have managed to write up four ingredients from my favourite recipe – the Quick Quark Quiche – then I lost the will to live.

It is so much easier to just DO IT – rather than write about doing it !!!

But I will persevere..

If you want to see my pattern – please click the link below – it has a long way to go to be smartened up but feel free to knit along in the meantime.  Also please note that the charts are the wrong way round !!  I am also going to include some of my working notes – so that you can see my thought processes as I am designing. 

Toby's Fisherman's Gillet V1

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