Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Skimming the Waves

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I do that a lot in my life – skim the metaphoric waves – whilst trying to negotiate the highs and lows of life.  Each day comes and goes and I am never quite sure what I have done to justify the privilege of being allowed to live it. 

Earlier on today a much loved actor – Robin Williams – passed away. It seems now it was suicide.  The poor guy – who gave so much joy to so many millions of people – did not feel his life was worthy enough to continue with. 

I am not judging or passing comment on this – knowing first hand how desperate a person can become, I also have many friends who struggle.  On the surface they appear to have it all, but underneath – life is a desperate struggle. In reality they are skimming the waves.

I have tried to not get involved in over-speculating what is going to happen in my life, but I am a worrier and I have absolutely no control over what is going to happen next when it comes to matters such as Toby’s care. 

This is one of the reasons I get so much out of spinning and knitting I think.  When I am at the wheel I am in “the moment” and if I don’t concentrate and let all the irritations leave my mind – I get in a terrible pickle and that is reflected in my spinning. 

I suppose spinning could be linked with Mindfulness – living in the moment. 

So in an effort to try to get myself back on track this week, I am looking around for a new project or two to use up some of the products of my therapy – my spinning !!

I have a gorgeous red blend – Tessitura


Which I would like to knit up for me.  I love shawls and find them essential as that extra layer, but find that they are either too large for wrapping and walking, or too small. 

This one from Sara’s Texture Crafts seems to me will fit the bill perfectly. 

It is even called after a place in the West I love – Exmouth.

Exmouth Shawl is for beginner to intermediate – so that should work for me, and is knitted from side to side, which I don’t normally – so I can judge how big it is going to be as I am going along and make amendments for my midget – but wide - body.  Sara has knitted it in her handspun and recommends 200g of 9 wpi average – so that should work for mine, even though I am not sure what it has ended up at. 

Needles of 5.5 mm sealed the deal.  That is the usual gauge I like to knit with and am currently knitting Toby’s Fishing Gillet in.  

What I particularly like about the instructions is that they are written in plain English – no complicated second-guessing here. 

Next on my To Do list is a Fluffy Bits KAL – due to start in September which should hopefully clear up some of the bits and bobs of leftovers that I have sat around.  I am really looking forward to this – but if you are interested – there is a closing date of 7th September. 


There has been a lot of storms over the weekend, but I am pleased to announce that I have finally managed to grow not 1 BUT 2 tomatoes !!! Despite coming back on the weekend to find the bushes on the floor due to the wind etc.  Not sure these plants will produce enough to keep Toby in supply, but it is a start !!

My beans and peas are also looking grand – although they too have suffered with being flooded out.  A little worried about the corgettes as well – perhaps a little too late in the year.  

I am watching some You Tube artist videos at the moment which have inspired my looking out various boards to make stretching the watercolour paper a little easier. 

I would recommend this one if you are a beginner who is interested in learning about flat tonal washes.  I love his work generally – and was delighted to be able to watch him in action this morning.

Painting brings me into a moment as well… whilst I am skimming the waves of life !

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