Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Creative Distractions…

Sweet Pea Tussie Mussie

I have started this blog three times in my head, and twice now on the computer… I have just been called away again to do something else – and now….I am back in the room…. so third time lucky…

So – having now been distracted again – this time with some vitally urgent link-setting issues – I am all yours for five minutes or so…Coffee cup

The Garden

I have had a garden for many years – about 9 years ago or so – I had to have part of it decked over as the dog had destroyed most of any living grass.  Fine – we love Murphy – so the decking was a good compromise – especially when I had fountains added and pots of lovely flowering plants – all very reminiscent of Mediterranean.   Then it all died back when we were away – plants need watering, and I was devastated and didn’t know where to start this year. 

So – deep breathes and Sarah Raven catalogue to hand I got started. 

I have – as you will see on my Kitchen Notes blog (when I get around to updating it) – my preoccupation this year has been to learn to cook. 

To cook, I have learned I need ingredients –

ingredients are not always easily to be found – despite Jamie Oliver assuring me that the “big, bad boys” are readily available at a supermarket near me… You ought to have seen the assistant’s face when I asked her !! (I am talking preserved lemons here… not anything else….).

Tarragon was my first discovery – couldn’t buy it anywhere fresh – then discovered a whole load of issues with it… so much so I think I will start another small sub-blog – and discuss it over there…

I don’t have an urge to write thousands of blogs – just will find my life a bit simpler if I can keep the separate areas of interest in different rooms !

Also over the last year or so I have had the need to cut the eco footprint my life is having on the world.  Not sure that is the phrase – but I have been horrified by just how many very large vehicles we pass on the motorway zooming our food to us and other essentials of life.  I am not comfortable with me being part of that problem…

Hadn’t even occurred to me that cut flowers would also have an impact until a recent programme – so I have chosen sweat peas as my starter project – along with loads of others recommended by Sarah Raven (!!).

I have photographed one of the little bouquets that I am harvesting on a daily basis – along with some lavender and other sweet smelling herbs – ALL HOMEGROWN !! How proud am I…

They are in a little Tussie-Mussie vase that was a present last week from the American Museum – the most delightful little herb shop that I have come across. 

My Art


I am doing a lot of river studies recently – something to do with going fishing and spending lots of time at Weston super Mare Pier I expect !!   I am not the fisherman – but it is lovely to listen and watch Toby and his brother, and other family members enjoying quiet space and fresh air.

Reminds me of a time before…. when camouflage was king !!!   I know Josh doesn’t have a Mohican now… but !!


Knitting and Spinning

Now it is a little cooler – I am trying to get on top of the WIPs

Toby’s Fishing Gillet is now up to the armholes.  Not the best of images, but it gives you an idea of what I am doing.  It is handspun in a glorious camouflage green.  I will discuss this more when I have a moment.


I am also on the socks and finishing off a shawl I started at P3 Cariad a couple of years ago – it is going to be so sad when I finish it – as it holds so many memories.   I do miss all my mates I made during that and the next workshop.  Such a shame that I blew a fuse and couldn’t make the informal meet up.

My head was all over the place though and I really needed just to sit down and shut up… which is what happened (apart from the car blowing up !!). 

The last hotel we stayed in is now closed – and my world would have been the poorer without visiting and staying there – so fate I guess.

Well this blog post turned into an essay and I haven’t even covered the weekend cooking adventures nor my embroidery ….. I had forgotten just how restful embroidery is… not that I am looking for distractions or anything …..


Will have to make some more time tomorrow then – won’t I ….

Hugs everyone…

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