Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Revolution or Rainbow in the air?

subtitled – “Care I - Not a Jot”



“Have you noticed unexpected change happening all around you? That's because Uranus, the planet of sudden change and revolution, is positioned in the independent sign of Aries. This potent era of transformation is urging you to make a radical breakthrough!

The intensity of this event may have you experiencing sudden flashes of insight, putting you in touch with a powerful new perspective”.

This came into my email box about an hour ago, and I was going to discard it  – when it occurred to me that I ought to perhaps to give it a second read.

Yep, I have noticed unexpected changes – since my last post – a few things have happened – the last an hour ago when the Council guy turned up unexpectedly to fit the handrail to the front door (not the bath !) so perhaps I am experiencing a radical break through.

But with weather as grand as this, and quality of life – whilst challenging – is being achieved – perhaps I am in touch with a powerful new perspective.

Now I am alerted to this – I need to go off and find it ! Whilst spinning and knitting or painting -

Care I - not a Jot Party smile

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