Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A short hiatus….

Blog Post

whilst my world returned to colour…

When I am depressed or extremely stressed (and I mean extreme… trust me..) I don’t see colour – and hadn’t even realised that until recently.  I also hadn’t realised that this doesn’t happen to everyone !!

So whilst I sort myself out I am not stressing over any projects or practical items that I am supposed to be completing to clear my “stash” pile. 

Thankfully my next Spinning project is Grey/Black and White – Jacobs Fleece, which I am going to make into a gardening Gillet for Joshua..Jacob the Gardener (named with a nod to The Herbs)


and I have just finished knitting a series of shawls which I designed, as presents for my family – which coincidentally are also all black, grey and white.  Shades of Grey - The Sequel (photo to follow).

Who needs colour?

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  1. Any kind of depression lacks colour here too, Shani. Maybe that is where 'it's black and white' comes from. Life lacks shade and texture, seems one dimensional and monochrome. Nasty place to be but working your way through it is all you can do. Here if it helps.


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