Thursday, 6 March 2014

Living in a Jane Austen book…

Many characters in our lives have personalities which would not be out of a place in a Jane Austen book.  We just wish they would stay there and not be in the book of our lives!

Seemed appropriate to make that comment on World Book Day

Jane Austen

So – in the midst of the chaos I unfortunately have to live my life through… I have sought refuge in Jane Austen and my crafts. 

I hadn’t been aware that there had been a TV adaption of Sense and Sensibility in 2008 – so with glee I have settled in recently and escaped to their world for at least one hour a week.

All the baby knitting has been completed, and I am now back to Wedding Shawls, and finishing off socks.  It seems everyone suddenly needs them, including me Winking smile 

I have discovered how to make Moka Coffee - with a Moka Pot and my culinary adventure continues – and strangely so does my weight loss now I understand how to construct healthy food, rather than relying on randomness of take away food provisions, or other people’s ideas of nutrition.

I just need to get the budget for ingredients under control – I am still somehow having to cope with feeding others (?why?) but whilst they are happy to clear up and act as guinea pigs that seems a fair exchange.  Toby even told me this week that he now liked mushrooms as I was a good cook… ah well, feint praise is better than non at all, I am comfort myself…

But budgeting for creativity was never my strongest point – so for Lent I think I will challenge myself to use up wool, paints, inks and other consumables – a challenge indeed Confused smile 

But at least it will be a practical way to restore some sanity to my life…and hopefully make some space for new adventures. 

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