Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Just one Day of Solitude…please that is all I need…


I give up … cease fire please….

Little old me is waving the white flag with head tentatively peeking over the privet hedge. 

The demands upon my time (and depriving me of much sleep Sick smile) have become quite overwhelming and I have been going through a period where I felt totally powerless to do anything about it.  

So on a craft front – things have ground to a halt from all this overwhelming chaos.  We also have a large family wedding at the end of next week, and the chaos and demands upon time which this has caused really wasn’t predicted by me.  I was organised months ago, but it appears others were not !


I got back to working on the Fields of Barley Gillet which I started over the change of the Year from my handspun commissioned roving.  It is based on a shape that has successfully worked for Bruce before – so much so sometimes you can smell the bloke arriving and it has to be forcibly removed from his back and laundered.  This time I am using the wool which I had blended and I would never have guessed that the colours chosen would blend they way they have into mute muddy khaki-brown.  Not my cup of tea, but very much his..


I had a second batch blended with 5 colours instead of 8 – and the higher silk content plays with the eye and lightens the whole effect.   I also only had it blended three times instead of four, so the smaller amount of colours pop out more.

I have learned so much from this project – and so have now started spinning Toby’s Woodman’s Gillet. I am going to knit his longer at the back and shorter at the front, so he can wear it over his shoulders in comfort in the wheelchair. 

I am going to use leftovers from Bruce’s to add texture and detail to Toby’s and vice versa. 

Even though I am totally on the fence about the colour, the feel and texture is beautiful and the drape I am really pleased with. 

The mammoth baby knitting has drawn to a close.  I now only have one baby cardi to finish for a beautiful little girl.  The socks now have drawn me back in, Toby is complaining that I am not picking up his dirty ones and laundering them quickly enough !!!!


Toby’s Mercedes Socks are from Regia wool, and have a lovely feel of quality about them.

Also the shawls for the Wedding are on the needles. These are based on my

Duilleogaí Fomhair (Autumn Leaves) pattern.  I still haven’t been able to sort out the charting, despite loads of requests for it.  It is quite frustrating, as it is very simple – hence the number winging their way off my needles.  I have signed up to JC Briar’s course with Interweave (obviously before Lent !) so will have another chew at this.

I have also put the basic left wing edging on Stitch Maps – and hope you can gain access to it, if you are interested in a closer technical detail.  The pattern is a very basic leaf motif, with leaves running along the edges, but the I have tweaked and changed to make it my own !

It is though my intention to put this pattern (written properly and coherently!) into a booklet with recipes, poems, paintings and memories to be shared with my children – and I will probably share it with you for a donation to a brain-injury charity.


They are not being designed to wear as part of the wedding outfits but to go over shoulders afterwards – I have a funny feeling we are going to need our woolies being on a farm at the end of March !!

So that is pretty much were I am at today,and quite chuffed with myself that I was able to get a blog post written – finally – it is amazing what you can do if you shut the door and take off the telephone, and refuse to answer emails for one whole day…. !!

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