Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What's on my palette…?


Quick blog this morning, basically waving at you guys and patting myself on the back, at finally having got some sense and order back into my world. 

So where am I at?

  • Found my desk again – always a happy moment !!
  • Back to cooking and changing my lifestyle habits.  Really happy about this…

Going to start writing up some of the recipes, tips and tricks I am learning, as an aide memoire to me, but also to remind myself of how far I have come…

  • Found the gym….yippee….

Totally get now why I have struggled with returning to this.  Love the gym, just all the organisation around finding kit and having inductions is a phaff too much.

  • The baby knitting is now at 4 completed cardigans and jumpers.. and one on the needles.  Baby’s have now arrived, so I can hopefully resume knitting for us again in the future – not forgetting the designing.  I have loads going around in my head. 

Just was going to suggest you had a peek over at my Ravelry Notebook and then realised that life has been so hectic – I haven’t even updated that !!  All done now.  The trouble and joy in constructing baby clothes, is you have just got around to putting it in your online notebook, when you have finished and moved on !

  • Spinning is now focused on Toby’s blend, which is super and very tweedy in style.  I will write this up.  The gillet I was knitting has had to take a back seat, but all the wool is now spun. 

So that is what is on my palette this week, along with trying to fit in wedding dress fittings etc., all good but wild. 

Isn’t that what a good palette should look like?  Very messy and creative?  Full of promise and joy?

Hope you are all keeping well, and would love to hear of some of your current projects and concerns if you want to comment…

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