Saturday, 15 February 2014

Challenge for the day – Writing a blog

I started writing this blog post at 11.30 am this morning. I had plenty of time to write a newsy update on my latest interests.

After quite a few interruptions – I have totally lost track of what I was doing – which seems to be a regular occurrence nowadays.  I can see that I haven’t updated my craft blog since December.

The frustration is having to get everything out of the way to get the computer out – and then it takes 20 minutes to update when all I am trying to do is write a 10 min blog post…


But in the real world:

  • I am busy Knitting – baby clothes designed by Toby for his sister, who is due to have her third any day now (if not already).   He has found some really lovely yarn on his travels, and is very clear about what he thinks should be created from it !
  • Spinning is creating demands on my time – the wool blends I designed initially haven’t worked as well as I thought they would (initial blend for Field of Barley I have had to tweak twice so far – which is proving quite costly), so I have had to figure out what was wrong, re-order, and then work with them again to develop a feel for the colour I am trying to ultimately achieve.  The latest which I am tentatively calling Woodmill is very “tweedy” as it spins, so I am looking forward to seeing how that knits up.
  • I have finished the wool for Craftman’s Fields of Barley gillet, and have started on Toby’s blend (Woodmill) as he could do with something warm to cover his shoulders.  Pictures, and a post, as usual, to follow – at some point in the future !!

The pictures are a struggle in dark weather, which is usually the time I end up working on any of these projects.

  • I have been painting with oils.


  • I have returned to art lessons to give me the kick up the backside I needed to convert the pictures from my notebook from last summer to actual works of art in their own right.  Warren Sealey the artist I found through the SAA recent voucher offer, proved not only very talented and patient, but incredibly practical in how to resolve “blockages”.
  • I am writing – but in freehand with an ink pen – which doesn’t convey to well to the internet.

and I am creating and experimenting with food. It is such a pleasant change to be able to open the fridge to find food I can eat, rather than the debris of nightly takeaways. 


I also took a walk last weekend, from Toby’s house down some steps to find the most glorious Hermitage and historic walk along The Tory. The Weaver Cottage is situated here, and the pictures on their website accurately reflect my view, in a way my rain sodden pictures can’t !.

Whilst knitting (and hiding from the weather) I have undertaken a Jam and Jerusalem fest… unfortunately I found my personality channelling Rosie/Margaret (the Dawn French character with a split personality) many times this week !!

Hope you are all keeping well and safe in the storms. 

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  1. LOL, Think your life looks very similary to my life ;0)


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