Sunday, 8 December 2013

whoosh–there goes another one….

The weeks that it – flying by – no sooner arriving than leaving…

This week for example, I have:-

  • met Erika Knight at Beshley’s Wool Shop (and delightful it was too – a very inspiring woman. Lovely blog about it here at Knit and Purl Garden's blog. A super blog in its own right, which has reminded me why blogging and crafting are so important to me.  They keep me connected and the ideas and material shared inspire to me to get up and out of my little bubble world and explore. 


  • Found out where the lovely ladies from the KnitnKnatter at the other Clifton Woolshop have now gone – unfortunately the shop closed last year.  Lovely to renew friendships though, one lady in particular missed very much. 

Just going back to Beshley and her woolshop for a moment.  I really would commend her products and Beshley as a person to you as a place to drop into and meet really lovely people in fantastic surroundings (wool – what can I say !!).  I was totally stressed out on Saturday – didn’t know which way to turn so took my wheel up there and sat drinking mull wine amongst some lovely people.  I was so chilled afterwards nothing phased me – not even Die Hard 2…and the prospect of dog sitting. 

I love my daughter’s dogs, but my goodness they are a handful (I think it is called separation anxiety?!!). The neighbours obviously thought fog was about to hit a suburb of Bristol – hence my staying with the little darlings. 


Here they are watching Most Haunted… the only thing which seems to keep them quiet at 3 in the morning!.



  • Cooked for the five thousand ( a bit of an exaggeration but it feels that way !!).  I shouldn’t moan because it would really have been nice if I had had a mother who could have done this for me… that is what I keep reminding myself of when I wake up at 4 in the morning trying to remember if I have got the essential ingredients..

I have now decided there is a vital cookbook missing from my shelves – entitled

“What the fuck do I do with this……?”

(sorry about the bad language – and I have been told off by Toby over it.  But that is what everyone is saying when they pick up a piece of meat or a strange foreign object – such as a sprout !! or squash).

I can visualise the cover now – woman in gas oven – well electric oven trying to light it thinking it is gas – obviously a self portraitWinking smile

This was the meal last week – all scratch cooked, and yes there is chicken and lamb on the plate – one of the carers didn’t like lamb – what can I say… so best shut up. 



  • Finished off some writing projects which had needed my attention.  Three articles and four now in the research stage. 
  • Attended a meeting which was very overdue.  CHC funding or same sort – they had been notified at the start of August – so count myself lucky that they can fit us in now…No I am not being sarcastic, the waiting list is that long.  Not holding my breathe and can only ponder just how bad it must be for people without parents or family to stick up for them – so much for supported independent living.


  • Attended an event to get some Wedding Clothing sorted out.  For both myself and the fellas of the house.

Fantastic evening – even though we had a fair old way to travel in quite unpleasant weather.

I don’t know whether you have come across Pat Ackroyd of the Ackroyd and Dawson, but I had the pleasure of meeting her a few years ago whilst a member of the Somerset Guild of Spinners Dyers and Weavers.

Her fabric is sensational, so we went to meet some tailors and a tailoress to get some measurements and the various suits underway.

This unfortunately has reminded DH that he misses working in fabrics – so we could all be making our clothes the evening before the wedding at this rate.  At least we will have some nice fabric to work with though !!

Finally, I have started getting around to winding up skeins so I can start weaving in the near future.

Oh and BT still haven’t sorted out my broadband – comforting thought – don’t know how they think I am managing, and they don’t really care.

Thankfully, I had a bit more nouse than their engineer and installed the hub myself. 

Eventually they will catch up….

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