Saturday, 14 December 2013

Tiz the season -

to be bloody miserable if given half the chance

Actually, that isn’t really the case. I am chirpy enough left to my own devices to explore and enjoy the season as I feel appropriate as part of my ethos of living the life that I believe, rather than the one other’s script for me to perform.

I am very against the commercialism of the season, really don’t understand what it has to do with the celebration of Christ, as the calendar changed yonks ago – the Orthodox Christmas Day is now January 7th, which however and whatever the reasons for Christmas being made a holiday, is the correct day to observe it.

This doesn’t mean I don’t believe in God, but I don’t believe in the worship of Amazon.Co.Uk and Eastenders/Coronation Street etc.   I have no problems with anybody else doing what they want just to be clear, just leave me out of it.

We are going to have a Family Festive Day at the turn of the year for exchanging gifts and getting together which I am really looking forward to, if people would stop trying to pre-empt our family traditions !!

I will never accept that fake Christmas Trees have to be up on the 2nd December, along with all shopping done and wrapped by the 14th.  I am sorry – this does not allow any time for consideration, and thoughtful reflections.  It is purely a task being undertaken, as you would wash a floor and wipe down the draining board. 

I on the other hand, given half the chance and if people who should know better (and are well out of order)stop bullying me on the subject am enjoying some really cute projects.


Fairy Wishing Shawl is a lovely little adaption of my Duilleogaí Fomhair (Autumn Leaves) shawl.  Very easy and quick to knit, with a six stitch increase in the main body, a falling leaf detail down the spine, and an edging of an adapted leaf shape, edged with garter stitch.  The way the three finish off in the centre, reminds me of a costume one of the children used to have of a fairy costume when they were little – hence the name.

The little girl this intended for has just had a little sister, so I am making one in baby wool for her, so they can both play at being invisible and magic over the Chrimbob period – as befits a season of magic and mystery.  Baby Fairy Magic Wishing Shawl is made from Christmas regia yarn in a subtle cream shade with gold flecks. Washable for a new mum. 


I have finished my mobius cowl – as I said before and now here is a photo of Oldest Son modelling in – I have to be a quick about retrieving it me thinks…


Lots of spinning with my new wheel is now underway as the stash busting continues in earnest, and I have re-found silk painting, so have some projects in mind there to do this week, with my other pair of hands.


Continuing on from my painting projects in the summer, I am going to have a go at replicating some of the delicate watercolour skills I have honed during the hours spent waiting at the beach. 

Tiz the Season to be crafty and creative… that works for me…

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  1. You are so right - it has all got out of hand, we have had carers trying to run our lives for weeks, as they want the Christmas off... ooh joy....
    Petra xxx


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