Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Busy, busy, busy…

Last week is thankfully over – this week, I thought would be improvement, but so far my hopes have been dashed – or perhaps I should say they are being held in abeyance?!!

  • I have a new – SILENT – and smooth running spinning wheel – much thanks to Dave from the Spinning Weal for sorting that out.  - check.
  • I have finished some spinning from about three years ago which had been sat on bobbins around the house – check

Thanks Josh for putting it together for me…

  • I have designed the dress and sorted out various accessories for eldest son’s wedding next year – check


Well the wedding is being held on a farm – the tractors are sort of topical…

  • Toby’s fishing gloves have been made…check


In sock wool, so that they can be put in the wash at the same time as his socks.

  • I have more wool for my Mobius Cowl (or snood – not quite sure what the difference is!) which it now transpires is 812 stitches in totality – so could explain why it is literally eating wool. 

I am knitting it in Blacker Falkland Island Wool purchased from Beshleys Wool Shop – my favourite local yarn store.


Where I accidentally purchased some wool from on Saturday…


The Old Maiden Aunt was visiting, and it would have been very rude not to have stocked up – even Toby approved of the colour schemes. 


One of the workshops that Beshley is holding in the near future is a weaving workshop, and I thought it may be just the ticket for getting myself back into that particular “groove”.

As for the rest of my life. 

Don’t ask – lets concentrate on the good things for once…

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