Friday, 4 October 2013

This wasn’t how…

my life was supposed to look when I visualised it 10 years ago…


But I bet many people are able to say the same thing!

My learning point and comfort this week though is finding out about Hanlon's Razor.  Further aided by a facebook friend (thanks Ron Thumbs up who would definitely be my “phone a friend” in any quiz and jolly useful in navigating life’s conundrums..) 

The saying is slightly different to how it was summarised by the character on screen, but I like his version best, so I will stick with that…

Never attribute to malice that which is easily attributable to stupidity”
to which his colleague added “or ambition”.

Says it all really…Storm cloud

So I am trying to confine myself to things that I can have some creative input into – Cooking seems to be the flavour of the moment, so always eager to take advice from them that knows these things… I have been studying the enigma..

But to cook, I need to shop.

So perhaps not cooking then… well perhaps a little bit…

Did some cooking on Sunday – the upside down apple cake has now become the upside down pineapple cake, created by Toby with some aplomb nowadays.


I also created a delicacy entitled “Leek and Cauliflower Surprise”. “Why the surprise?” asked Josh – as he opened the oven and said that it looked nice – there you go..that was the surprise !

On to my knitting


The Dr Who scarf is now being measured by the yards rather than inches.  A lovely bit of mindless knitting, with superb wool supplied by Beshley's Wool Shop. Without ball bands to hand, I think most of it is Blacker Yarn.

I have one pair of socks on the go, just to have something to hand – this time for himself - and the WIP’s scattered around the floor.. Now don’t comment on the hypocrisy here!

These WIPs are deliberately placed in front of the fire, as they are in my way and annoying me, and will have to be moved when it gets cold enough to put the fire on.

There is some logic in my madness…I keep telling myself anyway..

Art stuff – still all in the bag – but I did manage to scrounge this week a bar mat with just the right colours for my sea project.

I am girding my loins to tackle the filing.. I am now drowning under the undone paperwork and terrified to move anything in case I lose something else..

and if all this minutiae sounds to you as if I am a woman with too much time on her hands – yes I am, but can’t plan anything or make any arrangements as my time is not my own to manage -

all very depressing…

and not quite how I saw it…or how it is supposed to be…

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