Friday, 18 October 2013

Autumn Leaves


I am currently playing around with various stitch writing software again..

Stitch Maps is my latest find – JC Briars, the incredible author of a book instructing me how to read patterns has come up with this software available on line.


I found time over the last few days to put together the edging on my Falling Leaves – and here is a peep of the edging.

I am really struggling with trying to work out how to do this.  The edging is commonly available in a couple of publications, but I found it didn’t fit what I was trying to do.  I therefore have had to go back to basics and re-write the pattern to fit.

Still scratching my head about copywrite here.  I have been inspired by all these various people who have made up these design and source books, but this now really is my own version as I have had to tweak and fiddle to make it fit my handspun yarn. 

Not going to scratch my head too much about it though – as I am not selling the pattern – only sharing it with some of my friends and my children. 

What else has been happening in our world?

Beautiful and restful holiday in the most beautiful and unusual of hotels in Torquay– followed up by devastating write-off of car. Cam belt.  The disastrous relay recovery will forever be etched in my mind.

Just willing it all to go away… so am not even going to talk about it !

Will though have another break in near future, to finish what I started – mending my heart and soul..

Hugs everyone.

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