Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Just call me Nigella….

Our world is changing still, and the practical need to prepare food which is sustaining and healthy is upon us. 

One major snag here though is, I may be a whizz with spreadsheets, can do wonders with a legal statement, and write a stinging email – but put me in the kitchen I am all at sea.

A bit like Fozzie Bear in Muppets Treasure Island – you may recall the one who spends his whole time channelling the thoughts of Mr Bumble – who happen to be his thumbs.

I am as equally batty as that… this weekend I was asked where the recipe for sponge was written down – a logical question from a logical person, and I found myself responding airily that it was in my head !!

and it proved to be….quite successfully….



Made with apples which had fallen from a tree in Toby’s garden, and using a straightforward cake mix from a memory of a women’s institute demonstration somewhere, probably whilst I was demonstrating spinning years ago….

Ingredients found -  smells were conjured up and a cake appeared… chemistry – not much different from dyeing.. !!

The nice thing about cooking with so many around – you are not left with all the washing up !!

The memories came flooding back though, with the smells, and Toby licking the bowl…

Simple pleasures…

Akin to knitting socks…

Warm and comforting, maternal, made with love.  Precious experiences with my amazing children.

It also felt incredibly good not to be reliant on store purchased ingredients, nor sauces or mixes.  Horribly expensive and the nutrients and ingredients confusing and not particularly healthy.

I really love going back to the basics and learning how to make something from the basic ingredients.  I love natural products, wearing, eating and being entertained.

Perhaps – in a very clumsy way – I am trying to say this is why I enjoy heritage crafts.  Transferable skills and knowledge. 

I need to revisit this thought, when I have more time

I wish someone could make more time in a day. 

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