Monday, 9 September 2013

Ceremony of Creative Process


It feels good to have some say in my own “world” at long last.

I create better when I am organised, and the act of organisation is part of the “ceremony of my creative process”.

I never really thought of it that way before today.  Not consciously anyway.

But today I have been forced to really think through the reality of my existence, and I am not living my life the way I think I ought to be.  In other words, I am not living authentically.  Yet again, it wasn’t my decision to do this – inertia and lack of proactive assistance – only so long you can wait for a life raft when the boat you are on is sinking cuz it is full of holes…

I am so busy doing what I think I ought to be doing, I am not being true to myself.  I am living the life I have been given, rather than actually being involved in, and making the creative decisions that I want to.  I don’t even get to choose what food I want, from a combination of practical reasons. 

That is stopping from now on….

So – having cut the strings of the puppet masters, and fully prepared to take the consequences – I am turning my attentions to my creative world.


I am also thinking about “Autumn” – I feel the need to nourish myself – comfort food and clothing required before hibernation !

I have also bought two cookbooks – in Toby’s immortal words, whenever I say I am cooking a meal – “that is bothering” – “I don’t want to die…”

Well tough Toby – I do – not die, but DYE…. colour awaits…

This monochrome world has existed around me for long enough…Winking smile

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