Monday, 5 August 2013

Monday Musings…



Okay, today is Monday – the 5th August.  I promised myself that today is the day that I would start to get some order into my life and creativity. 

So – best make a list – to try to work out where to start….

I am struggling with knitting – all my mojo is in a WIP bag somewhere.  The hot weather and constant travelling over the past few weeks have meant that I have too many projects half-done and can’t settle.

My art bag is still full of wet brushes from a fortnight ago, which no doubt by now will now be mucky and need serious cleaning cleaning. 

I really miss my painting sessions and the time that it gave me for myself, to think and process info.

The Take a Moment project is badly in need of some “thinning” or curating.  It has gone off track with me being so far away from a computer to enable me to edit and deal with the submissions, so blithely transmitted from my mobile (or not as the case may be !)

I need to join it up with the pictures, poetry and other bits of ephemera that accompanied the sessions, and find some way of linking all the pieces together so they make some sort of chronological sense. 

I don’t know whether to halt the project as finished, and having captured a moment in time during an incredibly difficult period of my life, or whether to alter the parameters to embrace the new stages in the development of my world.   

It really was a snapshot of of period in our lives. Now there is a different one. 

It is a tricky one for me, as I got so much happiness from these moments, when much of my life was incredibly painful, often too much to bear. But now that my life is relatively settling and most thoughts are good thoughts, I miss this happy bit too !

Very much along the lines of how much I miss my friends. 

Can’t have it all, and I can always visit my friends….

My spinning has equally suffered, I am struggling with the last little bit of the silk/merino.  Toby let me spin over the weekend, so that was promising – considering the house is a no wool zone…

I have though discovered encaustic art…

To be precise Toby has, and I was allowed to help….  Here is mine…




Is there nothing that that lad can’t do… !!!

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