Friday, 16 August 2013

Half-Moons and Waves

The secret of success is to be in harmony with existence, to be always calm to let each wave of life wash us a little farther up the shore.
Cyril Connolly



That is a nice sentiment – the truism within something that I am hanging on to…

Life has been chaotic and tiring this week, full of hurdles and pebbles to trip us up. Personalities and agendas having to be negotiated, but all done now – hopefully, so I feel able to settle back into my world for a bit.   Even though I am a very “loud” person and have robust opinions, I am very painfully shy, and struggle with holding unnecessary conversations.. need I say more…!!

I have managed to do some more work on my Edwardian Steam-Punk Shawl.  Perhaps I ought to rename it again?  I am watching The Mill on Sunday Nights at the present.  Rather knocks the corners of my romantic image of working in textiles day and night… The girls all in their dark, bedraggled clothing and having to fight daily battles just to exist.  Rather put my issues and problems into perspective, so obviously it is the stuff to watch when we get back from meetings encompassing difficult issues. 

Now it is cooler, the socks in my WIP pile have also made a bit of a come-back. I enjoy knitting socks, and they are just the right size for Knit Night at Beshley's Wool ShopOrcombe Point and Patriotic Socks are the two on the needles.  OP for Tobsters – but as he is now only changing his socks when one particular facilitator is on… does he really need so many?  !!!   He is a funny little sausage.. it seems he does as he will not let them wash them…he is terrified of the Monster that is known as the WASHING MACHINE…. and rightly so…

The Patriotic Socks are for me, stocking up for winter in view of how so many have broken and worn out this year.  I am still thinking through what would be a suitable burial project to remember them by – I am sort of thinking crazy Victorian Velvet patchwork vibe.

Other stuff is to hand, but I am going to get these under way and finished off first. 

Unfortunately my painting has taken a back seat… no trundling and no spare time… but I do have some projects there to pick up again. 

I have also been doing some Encaustic Art with Toby…


He is really good at this… 046

and so are his facilitators – this is one which one of the ladies did…

Really great fun – I would highly recommend it… very simple and straight forward to undertake, minimum equipment, all available off the internet, and minimum of artistic ability required to achieve cracking results.  Here is a video to wet your appetite.

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