Sunday, 25 August 2013

Designing the perfect Trundling Shawl…

I have a couple of hours to myself this morning – yes you heard it here first Winking smile 

I have some some minor jobs I should be doing – but to be honest, they all need “something” doing first, which to enable me to do those, will need “something” doing…

You get the drift, you know what I am on about !!

I really don’t have the motivation to get started, the weather outside is dank and dark, despite being the middle of August, which means I have lights on full power at 11.30 am, so I have switched my conscience to standby and given my guilt complex the day off, without feeling it owes me a debt of gratitude.

Perfect weather for thinking through and planning some winter warmth..


I finally got around to finishing off my Steam Punk-Edwardian Shawl – and as I was looking through the links, I became diverted and have just wasted – nay enjoyed – 3/4 hour browsing Ravelry.  Then I decided I ought to write up some of my knitting pattern, so that I could share and learn from the experience of transferring notes onto paper, so that I can remember what I have done in the future, when I want to do it again. 


It proved absolutely enormous… it actually is more of a blanket than a shawl – containing approximately 1,050 kg of handspun (2,314.85 ib to my American and English knitty friends). So this means that I am not going to be able to wear it out and about trundling without breaking my neck… but perfect for wrapping myself up on cold dark nights in or outside the house.

So looking at and lovingly stroking it for a few days, I decided to make another one, but this time utilising the centre panel by putting a pattern in it.

I also found the garter stitch, whilst easy to do, appears a little like corduroy when knitting multi-colours, or even cord you find on a settee fabric.  So I wanted to vary the pattern to be more open, so that the beautiful colours and various textures of the differing samples could be displayed to best advantage. 


Falling Leaves Shawl has been created – but unfortunately Ravelry and I are very confused about their new Handspun section – was the spinning the project in its own right, or is it now a project – I don’t know! – sure it will become clear at some point, as it is being Beta tested. 

You can see that I have placed a simple leaf motif in the centre panel, altered the main body to be 6 rows of stockinette to every 4 rows of garter, and whilst maintaining the increases at both the ends, and to frame the centre panel, I have placed a smaller leaf motif every 10/12 rows or so, which is proving to create a lovely texture. 


Another real stashbuster !! and because it grows so quickly I am finding it addictive. 

All good so far, until I tried writing the pattern down…. my humble and heartfelt thanks go out to all the technical editors and pattern writers – I will NEVER EVER grumble again about the cost….

I have wasted hours on this, and the chart still doesn’t look right – my frustration being I really just want to be knitting, but I want to share with you what I am knitting, so you can comment and add ideas and perhaps offer me some advice? 

That is why I love knitting groups and wool gatherings – two heads make five ideas when playing !

So – unfortunately I have to go now, Guilt and responsibilities have come knocking at the door and so I have to pay them some attention.

Have a really good day, whatever you are up to…

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