Thursday, 8 August 2013

Artist in Residence…

DCF 1.0

That is what I have decided I am going to be for the next few months.  The Artist in Residence at DyeVerse HQ – otherwise known as “Mygate” located in the City of Bristol.

This exotic location – because that is what it is, now that I no longer recognise it as the place that I once located, created, curated and moulded into my safe haven, my sanctuary and place of renovation and spiritual restoration over thirty years ago.

But before I put paint to canvas, transforming silent shorthand notebooks into pieces and prose, neatly composed into seamless segues, so that  I can share with people who do not know me, without cringing or superfluous explanations - I have to clear up to make some space to make some mess.  Both metaphorically as well as physically. 

So Day 3 has come and gone… we now have a clean carpet along with a half-trimmed hedge (it would have been a fully trimmed one, if himself hadn’t taken the opportunity to gossip – sorry update himself on the last eight years of native-narrated soap operas – thankfully “little Petey” has now become fully grown “Petey” and for the price of a pint and some baccie was happy to assist – that got us back on track !).

Earlier this week, Bathroom became functional, Gas appliances serviced and Water Stop Cock installed…wow.  I feel as if I am living in the 21st Century again, as opposed to squatting in someone else’s hovel. 

Plans are being formed for the half-derelict shed (my writing one….), and the fountains that have not functioned for three years, due to bad weather each time I arrived home, are starting to be repositioned, poised, ready for action.. well nearly. 

My washing line now is capable of sustaining the weight of wet washing – I have clean knickers – what more can I say – Nirvana….

Just thought I would share this with you….because if you are reading this edition of my blog – you will totally understand where I am coming from.  You are my people…

I am now off to finish my Steam-Punk Edwardian Shawl (only 556 stitches to cast off in exotic heavy trim – now half done) and pick up where I left off on – socks….

and whilst I procrastinate and scratch my head whilst decision making on yarnovers… the notebooks silently and patiently await my attention.  As does my paintbox. 

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