Thursday, 11 July 2013

Postcards from the Shoreline…

Not the most flattering of pictures, but one which made me chuckle..

Hot weather = beachside views.  One of the few perks I am going to miss when everything changes in our world on or around the 23rd July.

July 014


July 032

I find a spot to sit and either knit….or paint…or as I am doing now drafted a short-story/novella with a very unusual format. 

July 026

Or think about what I could be doing with all the time I will have on my hands when this mess is over.. or at least partly resolved. 

My Look Book

Projects on the go are:

July 008

Edwardian Steam Punk Shawl

That is a name to conjure with…. I am going to blog about this in the near future, and how I have got to this…

P3 – Cariad
This started out as a test piece, but my lovely thin scarf is fast becoming my comforter as all the world changes around me.  It doesn’t have many stitches and has a pattern which is easy, but requires attention.  The Nimu – Langstrad multi-mix base is lovely and light though, ideal hot summer knitting.

and I have a couple of socks on the needles, as well as my second Barn Raising Quilt, which I suspect will be renamed for Toby’s home. 

As Ravelry have now put up a spinning section which I am playing with currently I can now share with you my current spinning projects. 

Sea and Sky is a roving I am currently spinning – a beautiful minty/turquoise silk and merino colourway which came from Wingham Wool last year. 


(Photograph courtesy of Amy Singer)

Funnily enough it is echoing some of the colours I am working with to try to emulate the varying colours of the seas around Devon – so I have kept some samples to work with. 

My head is all over the place with the changes etc., but as always I find this quite a creative time for me – even though I am desperately tired.

I am also thinking through a new project in the near future, in which I can use some of the lovely skeins I have acquired through sock clubs in a lightweight cardi…

Hugs everyone… Onwards and Upwards…

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