Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Yellow Roses


What a wild few days I have had. 

What am I doing, apart from moaning and generally navigating the speed bumps of life…?

Well I am painting, the gorgeous flowers are those from Toby’s new garden, and you can see that the mirror amplified their beauty…

I managed to find a whole ten minutes to paint, using one brush.  A superb Frank Clarke 3/4” hog hair brush, which covers A4 quickly and cleanly, whilst making superb shapes.  The shapes sort of look like rose bush leaves, and the roses sort of look like – well flowers !!

I now have a clean paintbox, as I realised that the yellows were getting very grimy as I tend to mix my greens with a brush already covered in blue pigment. 

Great happiness all around. 

I have done some more work on my P3 Design Sample – Scarf.  This I started in the P3 Retreat in October, and hadn’t got very far with it because it was not my project of choice if I was tired. 

You can now see from my write-up on Ravelry that it is fast becoming the project I want to do when I want to knit “mindfully” and think about my friends and other places than the mess I am in currently. 

Because of the lack of symmetry in the project, I have to concentrate, but it is not difficult as long as you have a place marker available for the Shoreline edging (knitting on the left side). 

I have also found a really good way of wearing it via a pictorial instruction for a skinny scarf which looks a little like a Celtic Knot. ( I don’t have an attribution, so will not post it here – you can find it on the Ravelry Notebook page.) 

Now the sun has come out, so I am off to sort out the washing… my cup overfloweth with much happiness at housework..




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