Friday, 28 June 2013

Tired and all at sea….

That just about describes my current state of mind.

Summer it may be, and birds may be up at the crack of dawn being joyful and triumphant – but they are blinkin noisy and waking me, usually just as I have fallen off to sleep.

So – I have done my best… and spent the last couple of days painting and trying to rescue my ideas about how to paint seas in a loose but fairly realistic manner, rather than in my adhoc  “throw a bit of paint onto a page and the rest over me clothes” manner.


What a beautiful way to address painting a wave.

Still the good news is that the Australian Prime Minister likes knitting – in particular kangaroos… the bad news is she got sacked, supposedly for doing same…

So I settle myself down on the “trundling step”, and I watch the sea and am at once drawn into the quandaries of what is art and craft.  One philosophical challenge too many…

Off to find my knitting… oh and my spinning wheel…after of course I have painted the waves…

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