Thursday, 30 May 2013

Tither and Wither

OK, two more days left of our recuperation and time just chilling, until we are back in the real world…

I am feeling quite fraught already just thinking about it. 

We should all have been settled in our new lifestyles by now, but unfortunately despite everyone’s best efforts, Toby still has not resettled and we are still commuting Unfortunately this year the traffic jams have started already with some horrendous accidents blocking the M5 – last week it was a seven hour jam and a fatality.  We are starting to spend a lot of time in Clevedon whilst we work out whether there is any point in continuing our journey or would be best advised to just return home. 

This means I am between Guilds, Knitting Groups and don’t know which day is what. 

So I am still tidying and sorting stuff out.  There is always paperwork to comfort the soul and numb the mind…Winking smile

This morning I decided to get to grips with a pattern management app on my iPad.  I bought it last year and unfortunately it has not proved as intuitive as I would like.  My fault I now realise for not spending more time actually reading the instructions !!

What is with me…? I seem to like nothing better than to spend hours trying to get something to work without the aid of the manual – as if it is some kind of competition !!!! duh (eyes to the skies and bang head on desk).

Felted Panel

So after all this intensive thunking – spurred on because I came across the perfect pattern to knit the perfect yarn….

Triskelion Yarn - Taliesin DK – Y Ddraig - which I purchased at P3 in March in a delicious deep green. 

When I purchased the wool, I had in mind to use it for the centre panel of a shawl I was constructing as part of the Design element of the Retreat we were on. 

A simple pattern it says on the tin, but not if you are in and out of the car, putting stuff down with interruption after interruption, sometimes after only two or three stitches knitted.  Combine that with extreme tiredness and there is no such thing as a simple shawl… I am even making mistakes on the current Danish Shawl that I am knitting and that is garter stitch !!

So I thought I had best plug it into the Knit Companion app I purchased last year. 

At the time, and if you read the blurb, you would think that the App – with a bit of programming – even made your coffee for you and definitely turned channels whilst you were on the most delicate pieces of lacework, intuitively guided by eye movements alone…

Unfortunately that was not the case.  So feeling rather conned even at £10.99, I cast it aside. 

Then I discovered I could link it to my iPhone – so if I forgot the iPad that wasn’t a crisis.  Then do you know what I did then… I read the blinkin instructions…

Amazing how I even get up in the mornings you know…But I do have a track record of this stupidity – the cooker is still a mystery to me even after 13 years.  I can though dye on it, and warm up the takeaways, but that is as good as it gets. 

So after having spent a morning uploading, downloading the PDF – and watching all kinds of tutorials – I have got the thing to work…. properly – with right and wrong side rows marked out. 

Now when I am out and about – I have the pattern to hand (best check I have packed the charger…!)

So on the one hand, I feel very clever, on the other – I feel I have wasted a knitting morning, so am now chasing my tail, and feel very over anxious – why?  I don’t know – logically, if I am up here until 12pm tonight – that will not be a problem.  Still on work clock I suppose. 

So – moving on decided I was going to stitch the now dry felted panel.  Can’t find sewing machine…

It is now buried in the room I didn’t get past the doorway of yesterday… pants…

Kerching moment – can find old one… embroidery foot required in new one – buy new foot….at £3.00…

has to be a deal…

and I have just torn up another tree worth’s of paperwork which a year on didn’t even need to be sent or kept…..

Best get on with living….

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