Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Spring Projects

We have been able to spend some time at home.  Badly needed recuperation time. 

I have found my knitting, cleaned down my desk, filled the writing pens and dug out my way through two more routes through the front living room. 

I have tackled one bedroom entrance, and then gave up. 

DH tackled the garden decking – and that proved enough to unsettle the climate and so we are back to cold winds, lots of rain, and the decking will have to be sorted out again.  One of the reasons it was never cleared last year – just didn’t have the time to bother at all.


I went to to the IFA felting meeting on Saturday at the Spinning Weal.  The first time I have had the chance in a year. 

It is really refreshing spending time with people you have a creative empathy with, and I find this spurs me on to all kind of other things. 

When I have finished sorting out the photos and pieces I will write some more about it.  I made four panels, one with colours I would not usually use, and the others using some of the sample pack that Sarah provided.   I am planning to create an embroidered abstract piece, and also a cover for my flask (oohps.. the flask – of whisky… well what else would I carry it for – medicinal purposes obviously !!).

I then went down to the front at Clevedon and painted a “postcard” but by then I was tired and a little fraught – which I think shows..so the painting will remain hidden in my notebook.


1.Over the weekend, I finally cast on another Danish Shawl. This time using the Fibreholics samples that have accumulated around the craft room.  As the winter seems to have carried on through spring, and probably now summer – I guess I will probably need some more shawls.  At least it gives the traffic warden in Exmouth a bit of a giggle..

I am his style icon… (and delusional…but I know that already don’t I…).


2.I am now on yet another pair of socks…Bear Socks this time.  For DH – as it seems he has a shortage – he keeps reminding me.  I love this very simple pattern which I am assured by my eldest son I have now refined to a perfect fit.

3.I have some other stuff in the Ravelry notebook that really needs finishing, I am moving on now to the Barn Raising Quilt 2.  A memory blanket that keeps hearts and soul warm, as well as my physical persona.

You can see Quilt 1 in the picture above, spread over my legs.

4.What you can’t see are my leg warmers which are underneath. Leg Warmers as inspired by the great and the good this year, cover the bit between my trouser bottoms and the sandals/socks.

Not at all elegant, but as I am wearing around the house today, much needed !!

I shall take a proper picture and share with you as this is proving quite a “list” of ongoing WIPS. 

5. Gwyrrd Sample 1 is the piece I am most proud of and have been working on of late.  I started at the P3 Retreat in Wales in March (along with three other creations..).  It is a shawl which I have designed using wool either in the sample bag, or bought during the mini-market on the Sunday. 

Again, little in the way of photos, or descriptions available to me here, but I will come back to you on this.

I have now numbered my discussion points to remind me to return to them….

I do miss my mates from both the P3s, and was a little upset to read that Amy Singer and Brenda Dayne, who so amazingly created this concept have decided not to continue with them. 

I totally understand where they are coming from, having spent a lot of the last few years organising workshops and groups – you can’t please everyone and you become so totally exhausted trying to ensure everyone’s happiness (when in fact they actually are responsible for their own !!) you forget to have fun…

But I shall miss them and this… as it has proved a bit of a sea anchor for me.  When life gets tough, I go back to the projects and concentrate on something from a time and place which was less so…as I have done this weekend…

I think this photo by Amy says it all…. we couldn’t wait to get into class or the market place…!!


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