Thursday, 23 May 2013

SLOW – cloth, living & friendships…..

A few years back I was inspired by the writings and thoughts, along with what can be described as a mantra for living, written down by Elaine Lipson under the movement entitled Slow Cloth.

What appealed to me was how it chimed with how I naturally approach my craft work, art and other items I produce, as well as echoing ways I try to live my life.

  • Simplicity
  • Plain
  • Truthful
  • Skilful
  • Shared Experience – history/community
  • Pride in purpose and whilst in use.


Sounds so simple… but it isn’t !!!

Sounds so easy – yes rigid heddle weaving is “easy” – it is known as plain cloth, and doesn’t have any fancy patterns running through it, or need equipment which takes over a house (I say that with finger’s crossed… !!) but I concentrate on the quality of the warp and weft, which are often also produced by me, and the simplicity of the construction allows the materials to speak for themselves. 

I very often leave orphaned “weavings” which should be ideally constructed into shawls or scarves or backdrops for embroideries and further embellishments to create a “finished” structured piece which reflects the designs in my notebooks, draped over the back of a chair or hung from in front of a window so the light can shine through, simply so I can admire the beauty of the hue or texture. 

So instead of striving for sophistication and compete with the abilities of others – I am happy and content with my own journey.

Why am I writing this blog, about this subject this morning?

Because I had forgotten my way. 

Some simple friendships and kindnesses this week have reminded me that I am so easily sucked into battles and wars which are not of my making and by being involved, won’t make a jot of difference to the eventual outcome. 

But there are others which are critical and vital, such as getting the right appointment on the right day…won’t even start to tell you what has happened there… communication fail…..a whole other blog post !

The simple task this morning of cleaning down my overflowing and non-functioning noticeboard which I awake every morning to (when I am at home… there lies the rub) – look at first thing and totally stress out over even before I have got out of bed, has uncovered a layer of notes and thoughts, which were put there because they were important !

Stopped me in my tracks.  So I have left them there…in my new tracks… and to guide me in the right direction…

Only taken me eight years to work that one out then…


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