Friday, 31 May 2013

Adieu …

Jurassic Coast at Beer

Final blog of the week… and then we are back on the road again...

Don’t know where this week went, but the sun finally come out today and suddenly I feel like the “old” me again – the one before there was all this grief and chaos interjected amongst the monotony of prescribed chores.

Toddled of to a Friday Knit and Knatter this morning at Get Knitted, where I met two lovely ladies, coincidentally both from South Africa originally, and it was lovely to share thoughts and ideas. 

Decided that I wanted to paint when we got back to the house, but felt I simply couldn’t justify sitting in the car to go anywhere… we are living out of the car as part of our normal existence, so this was just one car journey too many.

So cleared up some of the garden – only some mind you, please note. Just enough to sit and get paints out.

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time experimenting with PVA glue and tissue paper, and really should have taken a photo ! It did not look too bad… a sort of type picture emerged from the abstract nature of random ripping and sticking. 

I did two, one which was landscape and another a sort of seascape, loosely based on my watercolour studies which have occupied my time during the last few months. 

I have been doing these, not because I am an astonishing artist, but because they act as a sort of “place marker” for the day/afternoon spent.  I find after I paint, I notice other things more keenly, such as the smells and noises, and flicking back through the notebooks takes me back to the moment.  It also encourages Toby to be less critical of his own paintings.  They should exist just because they can, and amuse the person painting, rather than entertain the viewer at a later date.

Anyway back to my ripping and sticking.  It is lovely to experiment without any expectation or demands from the finished piece.  If all else fails, it can be cut up and repositioned and stuck back down again… absolutely no need for perfection to count as an achievement.

So today, I finally got around to getting out the acrylics – for the first time in a few years now, as they have been in a terrible mess. 

I proceeded to paint over the background shapes, just touching up and using the suggested colours and shapes produced by the random placement of the colours previously as a guide, and an hour or so later, a rather pleasing mess emerged.  Sorry – no photo…but you get the gist…

I am pleased to report though, that I did have a rather elegant stream, a sort of distant tree-shaped thing, some lovely hills and one or two bright spots of green fields.  Or an abstract picture… no title needed or introduction necessary.  You bring your own thoughts to the page….

It is really nice to end the week feeling that I have done something constructive, oh and moved some more of the mess…even if I am leaving a whole load more behind me tomorrow when I walk out of the door. 

Small steps get you to where you are going just as surely as large ones… just takes a little longer and gives me a bit of time to see the view..

So adieu….

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