Saturday, 9 March 2013

Chaos Theory

Not really sure what the actual definition of Chaos Theory is  (and now having looked it up, still don’t !) but every time I hear of it, I am reminded of Jurassic Park and that just about sums up what is going on in my head at the moment.

All very positive and moving forwards – but CHAOS…. 

We are able to spend more time with Toby lately - this is lovely and so much laughter restores my soul. 


We managed to get out on a trundle last weekend to Orcombe Point at Exmouth, and watch the tide come in, horses cantering into the sea, dogs chasing round and people generally taking the bracing air. 

This is my idea of heaven, sat on my little step, painting, drinking brackish tea from a tin mug and listening to, then singing along out of tune to – what was it – Liberty X !!!…………..

Toby has now discovered the Big Reunion.  Not the TV programme, just the opportunity that Tescos have jumped upon to dig out all the old CDs and sell them (cynical – who me !!). 

When I tell Toby that “Sexy” was one of the songs I used to run in the gym to… well the look of disbelief on his fact was incredible.  Yes, I did used to run, I did used to sing, you know I did use to do a lot of things !!! and so did these poor buggers.

Real car crash TV from the stuff I have watched and can only hope that nothing serious gets broken whilst they are out performing, apart from some of the egos I suppose. 

I am sounding a proper grump !! But I am currently inspired by another reality TV that is making an airing in the early hours.

Sissinghurst is a documentary about the National Trust property, featuring and focusing on the woes of the donor family who want to get a project off the ground, which is close to theirs and their ancestors’ hearts and I think the vision is to bring some of the “historic personality” back to the Property along with getting the National Trust to actually DO what it SAYS it is doing.  Sounds simple (and familiar !). You are invited by the producer to eavesdrop on meetings, glimpse bitchy emails, etc. and my sympathies and admiration go out to Sarah Raven who seems to have taken on a herculean task alongside her husband.

She is my heroine..and I love how she just bounces back in each episode.  I am inspired !!

So where was I?

Back at the beach painting, listening to my son chattering away to his Dad, covering myself in layers and layers of thick handspun woollies and watching life being lived, time passing and absorbing the delicious bracing air. Perfick – apart from my cold legs !  

So mind back this week on designing something which will keep my legs warm, without sliding off every time I move.  Sounds suspiciously like either a woolly skirt or leg warmers…

I did remember though to bring my camera this weekend…


There is something about horses, sea and the general sense of freedom which inspires me to put one step in front of each other each day and reminds me that there is something better around the corner.

Chaos can be good.  Such inviting possibilities to embrace…

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