Friday, 1 February 2013

Life returning to Normal….

I am now going to try to get back to blogging without ranting (for a while that is….!!). 

For those of you who read my blogs and wonder what the blithering heck I am on about – that is fine – I am sorry for the confusion and hopefully there will be posts of interest to you over the next few months.  

I don’t blog to promote or sell myself or my products – or my point of view.  I often blog to communicate my rather subjective take on the world, distorted by all of the issues we are going through. 

Thank you though for all those who do respond to me and offer words of wisdom – that is wonderful and thank you all… you are keeping me on the right track and grounded – even when my sanity is totally in doubt !!

I am very conscious though that I read other peoples blogs and very often don’t comment.  Can I say due to time pressures my ability to read blogs is OK, but my ability to respond via the App on my phone is limited. 

So whilst I am there with you in spirit and wishing you well, onwards and upwards – I am not saying that very much…

I am hoping to change that soon….just want you, in the blogging community, to feel my love and grateful thanks…just as if I could say that to you in person today…


Shani xxxx

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