Sunday, 23 December 2012

“Something to do to pass the time…me dear”

As Madame Defarge I am sure would have answered, in a delicious french accent, if she had been asked why she was knitting whilst watching heads being lopped off. 

Highly entertaining as the blood letting was – she could not let her hands be idle – and she wasn’t close enough to her home to do “wifey” things such as cooking and fairy cake making I presume.  

A bit of the reason I suppose when under enormous amounts of stress I knit and spin. Also I don’t know how to cook – never have needed to.  Closest I have ever got to a recipe is when naturally dyeing. 

Mr Odin changed the cooker a few years back and it took me three years to discover that he had – honest !!

Now I have been advised by a learned person to give up my sole remaining solace – why? I haven’t got a clue… but that seems to be the story of my week. 

Rant over on the other side…

So moving swiftly on – I am obviously going to ignore this… but not the rest of the excellent advice received. 

What on earth is this demented woman on about? I hear you ask… I only tuned in for the knitting…

057 (2)

This is my hospital knitting and spinning pile.  All started in various A & E departments and corridors in the last month. 

In there is a shrug made out of fibreholics samples, three pairs of socks (for me – my feet are cold and now so swollen I am struggling to pull on the ones I currently own), another Barn Raising blanket - as it is proving so warm in the frozen and wet conditions I am coping with.

I shall leave you with this thought – would you seriously buy a new house built in the village of Budlake?  Would you consider one named “Swift Waters Meet” – yep thought not..

Bet the owners this week are wondering why they didn’t pay more attention to the origin of the names in their conveyancing packs !

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