Friday, 16 November 2012

Notes from my desk


We have been sorting out care and planning for our future again over the past few weeks, but I have at least had a chance to finish off some wip’s. 

So back in the real world….


Finished my Harris shrug.  Hadn’t really thought about this kind of garment before, and really think I have missed out on something vital to my warmth. 

It is knitted here with my handspun wool, which I had dyed at a SpinDyeWeavers workshop a couple of years ago.  (The original group details can be found on Ravelry at: and are a lovely group to visit or join if you live locally to the Bristol area).

I also finished my jumper that I started and knit through P3 and on returning home redesigned to reflect some of the patterns I discovered and designed during the workshop. 

I am going to get stuck in and design a properly fitting shrug for me for future use, as it is incredibly warm and very useful for wearing over nightwear when I want some comfort or read in bed. 

I am sock knitting again – but for me this time.  Unfortunately 6 years of wearing socks has now meant the originals are wearing out… oohps – not good planning on my part. 


I am knitting a Countess Ablaze colourway - Northern Lights and have started another pair in a commercial yarn base (need to log it to Ravelry). 

I am loving the Countess Ablaze yarn base.  I met her at the Plug and Play Pembrokeshire workshop, where she ran a stall on the Sunday.  Such colours – I am sure I have a photo somewhere… (!)

I have loads of other things in the planning stage, but each time I start something I get interrupted so further details to follow…

Just thought I would leave you with a really good link

Poirpoisefur produces some beautifully prepared roving etc., but also has issued a super pattern called Leaf Peepers Cowl.  If you sign up for her newsletter (which is well worth the read), there is a voucher for a free copy of this pattern in this month’s edition. 

I am now off to get back to my planning and creating…. art and colour is calling me at the moment.


But perhaps not statues… At least I was on the right side of this person (for a change !!)

See you all again soon..

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