Tuesday, 30 October 2012

If I….

Toby 536

had my choice of where I could live in the world it would be next to the Coast – with one side of the house/tent/windbreak facing the rolling landscape of the hills. 

Devon meets that brief… anywhere is beautiful on a sunny day – even if cold and brisk winds are whipping up the spray. 

So therefore, we went and sat on Slapton Sands on Saturday – watching the waves crash and roll. 

Toby made the observation the day before at Orcombe Point – that the sea, which was very red in colour from the sand it was carrying, was returning that sand to the beach on the incoming tide…

Very astute, young sir….

I am knitting wool which has sat gathering dust since it was dyed in 2010

Welsh Autumn Jumper

into the Welsh Autumn Jumper.  I now have two sleeves as well as the completed body and yoke…

…. oh and watching Rumpole of the Bailey boxed DVD set….

Some TV shows are as entertaining today as they were when originally conceived…and the observations of the writer, so acutely observed, very relevant to our current experiences and how we view the world we live in…

Off to contemplate clever metaphors concerning the moving of sands… time… etc. 

Actually – that is the cover story -

I am in reality – I am just replaying the movie in my mind – the rolling sea at Slapton.

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