Thursday, 13 September 2012

Twas on a Thursday Mornin’

Morning all….

This week has flown through with a flurry of bits of paper, receipts, figures, lost calculators and analysis of vehicles required to ferry the young squire around in his future. 

I am now able to report that I have finished up until the tax year 2011/12 on our accounts/expenditure and young squires is completed to February… so only March to go..

Next week will be assigned to bringing these accounts up to date – and more meetings.  So conscience clear and in the meantime…

Some crafting… No point in being so close to such beautiful landscapes without actually engaging in it.  Toby and his father were engaged in some Michael Ball in the Merc, so I found a seat where I could have a bit of peace and quiet, and paint.. the cliffs – because – they were there…

I am struggling with drafting of accurate landscape details, so I had a bit of a practice..


Lyme Regis was the destination on Saturday – along with a craft sale in Martock.  Toby is now the proud owner of a scroll saw.  We just need to work out how to raise the table high enough for him to get control without injuring himself, then job done. 


A beautiful artist (and person) by the name of Kaye Parmenter was giving demonstrations at the show, and Toby, whilst not appearing overly inspired did take to the canvas the day after…


with a bit of nudging from his brother (who was also creating a masterpiece) and myself (playing with brushes as usual – I LUVE brush strokes) and the squire grumbling at being “forced” – you can see he upset he was – not !! – he couldn’t stop giggling.  I love afternoons like this.. they are what life should be about. 

Then yesterday, I finally found time to sit down for an hour at the wheel, and produced another bobbin of oddment yarns.  I am going to be so cold this year – I found myself sitting with two handspun jumpers and a shawl on Monday in Exmouth – so need to focus here..

and I started another felting embroidery, inspired by a piece that Toby made last week…


Not a bad week eh – I love September, start of the school year, new beginnings, and I have also started keeping a journal again.  So I will always have something to moan about here !!

Thanks for all your lovely thoughts and emails over the last few weeks – so very much appreciated.

So off now to go home, prompted by the fact that DH is need of some clean socks – haven’t had time to knit any more !!  But am on the last pair of Toby’s, so there is hope. 

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