Tuesday, 25 September 2012

“Expert in my own field…..”

Says me, very tongue in cheek…

All I can say is – I wish they were, or on second thoughts I wish I was… Then I would be able to be where other people are not !!


Mabon – the Autumn Equinox occurred on Saturday – heralded by the sound of hounds and horns of the local hunt.  Unfortunately I could not see the progress from my window – I had actually decided I had overdosed on Flambards (the TV series on DVD, not the Theme Park!) and the music had overtaken my subconscious – but no it actually was an event occurring in the real world. 

I am not a hunt supporter – as in killing of fox/stag – which is illegal now (or so I thought until I did some casual research into which Hunt Meet it was) .  But I do acknowledge the place that it has had in our history, and I used to ride to hounds when I was younger (fitter and not so fat…!) so it would be hypocritical now for me to not feel nostalgia for the spectacle and drama. 

We ended up going on a trundle as the day was beautiful.  I had the opportunity to call into Bellacouche and obtain my second Tuffet.  My first having been my constant companion this summer, when an awful lot of sitting has been necessary, I thought best have one dedicated for trundling. 

I also took the opportunity to call into The Hermitage – an Artisan Gallery, located in the same courtyard.  Wow…

Not only were the paintings incredible, but the smell of woodsmoke is still being conjured up by my senses when I look at their paintings. 

All in all, I went away incredibly inspired again.  Yuli had some of her notebooks on show and one of the phrases chimed – “spirituality in repetition”. I so totally concur with that thought.

When I spin, knit or undertake one of the crafts which require automatic actions – it is almost as if I am using them as a meditation.  A means through which I can channel my thoughts from the chaos of day2day life, calming my mind, and enabling me to focus on “nothingness”. 

I also have the satisfaction of having achieved something – in the case of the wool – some warm clothing is going to be the order of the day this Winter.

The Alchemist – was the painting I chose to hang in my workspace at home (the story is well worth taking a moment to read) –  and along with my tactile tuffet – they will transport me back to this special day so I can replay the memories to warm and comfort me when the days are dark and the nights long. 

The Alchemist Copyright – Rima Staines

Music and colour – without which I would not be…. me..

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