Saturday, 1 September 2012

Autumnal Colour Splashes…

Okay guys, I have calmed down a lot since yesterday and my blog post earlier today.  The lovely emails from you have done a lot to cheer me up.  You are indeed very special friends.  I have though spent yet another day doing paperwork… and thought I would leave the computer on a lighter note…

This was the beautiful felting that Toby and we worked on this week…



The felting “rolling pin” we acquired from Winghams earlier in the year has proven very useful… I would recommend this to anyone who perhaps has not as much control over their hands, or strength. 

I particularly loved the lecture Toby gave his father, as Toby took it upon himself to lead the session.  All the directions he had been given by teachers, to be quiet and pay attention – obviously have been retained, and were reiterated – strangely enough with a welsh accent to his Dad… so Mr Farmer did have some influence after all !!! 

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