Monday, 6 August 2012

Shovelling Sh** and applauding success

Morning Campers – how are you all this fine Monday morning… full of… rain…

Ah but don’t let that get you down, after the rain the sun comes out and rain is an excuse to craft – oh and watch the Olympics…..

Sailors, Shooters and other fine folk have won medals for this amazing country.  No sarcasm here at all.  Hopefully now in future our children WILL be supported to achieve their dreams, whether educated in public, private or home schooling.  Spare a thought here for the trainers… how many of these were GB? 

Thank you to the all those who have imputed from around the world, to enable our bright and greatest to romp to victory.  We need trainers to enable our athletes to succeed, same as we need authors and scriptwriters for our actors, tutors for our crafts, mentors for our arts…..

Nobody achieves anything in a vacuum in this life.  So spare a thought and issue a thank you to all of those who have contributed behind the scenes to Team GB – or should that be Team World?

I am so impressed with the Cauldron from the opening ceremony… to find out more whiz over here Olympic Cauldron. An amazing piece of engineering and well – it worked !!  Anybody who has ever tried to get their car engine to start after dismantling it, or in my case many pieces of textured cloth to look like the picture in my head (if not the picture on my design !!!) will not fail to admire and appreciate just how big an achievement this is… and it brings a tear to my eye of pride.  Yep, PRIDE – how clever are we….(well the bloke who built it – to be specific !)

So what have I achieved this week… I have been shovelling the …..t which is the mess which makes up my life…and I can report a modicum of success..

The Week that was....

From Top Left clockwise… sat on Exmouth Beach yesterday, listening to music on Toby’s radio whilst eating fresh cooked fish.  The sky was beautiful and the sea.. well mesmeric.  Before then we had gone to Branscombe.  It was a very rainy day and so we popped into a Craft fair, which I would highly recommend if you are in the area.  I bought some beautifully decorated magnets and paperweights.  Toby loved the handcarved and stone polished keyrings.

We went on to sit by the beach, and I painted another one of my five minute “sketches” which may well make an idea for a felted piece in the near future.

Next, is my Carmen Shawlette.  Started over a year ago whilst watching a makeover programme hosted by Caroline Quentin… this year finished whilst watching the first episode of the new series.  Oh dear.  Still to be blocked, but I loved the pattern and yarn and would highly recommend Yarn Addicts Designs oh and Restoration Homes – Caroline is wearing an amazing contraption around her neck in various episodes.. soon to be copied by moi if next winter is as cold as this one…

Bottom Right is our view from the car on the Motorway – 4 hours one way this week, 5 the other… (thank goodness for podcasts...oh and knitting…).  Wouldn’t have minded but we only had one day home in between… and the mess on the floor of my house is evidence to this. 

No wonder I am feeling so down and disorganised.  Everytime I go to do something I either have to clear up or locate it.  Still I have the answers to hand and will let you know more in due course…

As part of this clear up policy is getting the UFO’s finished.. (Thank you Kit from Dragonfly Craft Workshop.. Cullompton !).  Kit, Ali and others who attend this lovely group.. has been very supportive of the mess I have managed to get myself into and my Waterfall Cardigan is now FINISHED as well… yep finished.  That took a year as well… well over a year if you include the spinning time. 

It doesn’t look anything like the pattern, but having been knit from heavyweight handspun it is going to be what I set out to achieve – a “hug” rather than a “shrug”.   I am hoping the weight doesn’t mean the front is going to drop any more than it already is, but I have shawl pins to hand if it does… and now looking at the photo I think there are some obvious places I could tack it together and place an attractive button, so I can pretend I designed it this way…


I concede that it isn’t the most flattering of garments created.. but I think I am going to appreciate it, especially if I ever get to sit outside in a cold night in my garden at any point this year…

I certainly loved spinning it, along with the colour, so may well make something else – a little less – well “large”.

Finally – back to the collage – the beautiful flowers which were set up for the wedding this weekend at the hotel..

The colour scheme is impressive – the bride beautiful, the groom happy… and lots of kids giggling and playing..

Life is quite uncomplicated sometimes… if you let it be..

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