Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday Notes– Hobbity Socks, Sea Shells and Silver


I have been out of the blogging sphere for a couple of weeks.  Life has been too complicated and I haven’t had the peace of mind, or time, to just sit at a desk and write.  

Whilst my mind is full of this – my other mind has no space for DyeVerse.  I have just tried to link to the description page – to discover that somewhere a couple of months ago I managed to delete it.  Says a lot really !   DyeVerse is the trading name of my textile design and production business – most of the produce of which is sat in the front living room waiting for some attention! 

I am really sad about this. But I do have a bit of a plan.. If I can find some suitable space in an accessible location, I can work on the unfinished items and this will jog my creative neurons  – and then some design work may be forthcoming.  A sort of adventure playground which is textile based.  Sounds like therapy to me !

We went on a trundle up to Clevedon Craft Centre yesterday and it felt like spending a couple of hours at “home”.  So many familiar faces, and lovely workmanship (lovely is a bit of a lame descriptive word – but the best I can do this morning !).  I ended up with another birthday bracelet, which is in the form of a silver fob watch chain – and when you rub your fingers over it feels as if you are running over worry beads.  This was brought to my attention by the silversmith – who so intuitively understood my state of mind – such kindness ! and makes it so very special as it is personal.

045 (2)

If you haven’t been to Clevedon lately, I would recommend you take a trundle out if you are in the locality – lots to see there – including some lovely fabric and pottery !!  not forgetting the leather work.. not that I am biased in any way !!

There will be time for me.. there will be time for….there will be….. there will…. there…………

I am starting to sound a little like Dorothy from the wizard of oz – perhaps my red scarf will work just as well as her red shoes?  got to be worth a try !!!

I am still on the sock knitting marathon – two pairs down (phew… a pair finally got washed!), god knows how many to go.  Thank you so much to a dear friend who has offered to make a pair for me when I write the pattern down.  Much appreciated.  Unfortunately not being near a computer which I can write from for the past couple of weeks, I am sure she has thought her kind offer ignored.  Far from it… I must write the pattern down for posterity… “Hobbit socks” as another kind friend so aptly named them – are going to be required wearing for some time to come..!!


In this pile – you can see Rainbow Hobbit Socks, Blue Wave Hobbit Socks and Clyst Blue Hobbit Socks

It is only the thought of knitting something different in the near future – which is keeping me going.  That said – to knit something – I have to find the…… you get the picture !!!!

Talking about pictures, the one at the start of the blog was a beautiful one found on Morgue File this morning – so I have posted it here to remind me when I am next near a dye pot of an inspiring set of colours….

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