Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cream Teas and watching Sky…..


Some snapshots from the weekend…. there really are some perks to living our lifestyle and when the sun is shining, and we are in the right location and not stuck on a motorway somewhere trying to get from A – B, we get the chance to remember that. 

Life isn’t all about grief and torrential rain – we have an awful lot to be thankful for.Toby is an amazing person to be around and with – excellent company and some of his quips, whilst probably best not that I repeat them here !! are memorable…  It is just unfortunate those happy thoughts are being swamped under paperwork and retrospective thinking which is just something I have to deal with – for now..

So on that note - we have now identified some working space and people are very busily helping and assisting as we speak so that Toby and us can spend some quality time out of the Unit doing crafts that Toby so loves – but for obvious reasons can do in his room.  The saw would cause a bit of an issue me thinks !!

I have tackled the Waterfall cardigan which has taken so many months to complete.  I have sewn it up, it still doesn’t look right, but it will keep me very warm during the winter!!! Instead of the cotton yarn recommended, I have knitted it in chunky handspun and it has superb stitch definition.  It is a physical “hug” rather than a “snug” when I try it on.  I will defy myself to be cold next winter, as it will double as a blanket over my legs when crafting or travelling. 

I will take some photos when next tackling it !!!  I have decided to give it an edging so that the fronts are supported as they are very heavy and don’t pull away from the neckline. 

So, still have the socks in progress.  A bit of a disaster going down today.  I have mislaid the spare balls of wool.  I know I packed them somewhere (so probably they are sat at home on the settee then !!).  Still onwards and upwards. 

Next week, all being willing and the tidy up fairy having worked her magic, we should be able to get access to our new workspace(s).  Yep, you read rightly here – plural.  That means then I can start working on some felting projects which will clear some of the stash at home…

This all feels like a sliding tile puzzle game, I used to play with the kids.  You know the one where you slide all the bits around until you make up a picture.  In my case – it is sliding all the wool/craft stuff (or subtitled crap by Tobs) until it is in the right place to make something. 

The loom is no good to anybody sat at home waiting to be warped.  Neither is the wool sat in boxes..

Only issue I have now is Toby is adamant he is allergic to “wet water” – hey ho can’t win every argument..

Back to my puzzle game…. !!

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