Monday, 4 June 2012

I luv Blogging

Blogging helps organise my mind, thoughts and generally focuses my attention on something – a project or idea.

Also because of the way I live, so far from friends, families and colleagues, I would lose touch with the world – so the blog acts a bit like an “Open Letter”. 

When I tried to explain this to a friend the other day – the comment made was isn’t it a bit of a waste of time.  Well no not really.  When I am thinking through something, blogging about it helps sort of inform my thinking. 

I don’t feel I have to be apologetic, circumspect, or apologetic in the tones that I use to write.  But I do feel I have to be careful and respectful of others and their reputations.  I never quite know which line I should go down when talking about other people in my blogs.  Principally they have not given permission for their thoughts and comments to be used, but as they are part of what informs me – they play a part in the “tale”.

I am increasingly though becoming two people.  The one who blogs here about nifty crafty thoughts and the other who rants over at about some of the issues we are facing with our care of Toby

I thought long and hard about this – as I have very different readers for both the blogs, some who aren’t in the least bit interested in our struggles, but network in the craft sectors, some who follow the other stuff, and the craft is a bit of an afterthought.  So just hope this works for you guys.

So what am I up to on the craft front? Well on any front… this is the last couple of weeks in pictures… Some good, some bad – some amazing….


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  1. Hi Shani - Thank you for your comment on my blog! These projects look really exciting - I love that handspun! And I have noticed that you are a weaver - just yesterday I picked up a loom and I have no idea what to do with it, so I might call on you for some advice at some point!



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