Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Where do I get my inspiration from?

All over the place – is my answer to that.  As a writer, designer and general creator it can be a piece of music, a random thought – a scene we pass when travelling.  Anywhere can spark something off.

Recently I have been confined to my my chair with illness and back issues – so even daytime TV has it’s moments..


Particularly the old Murder/Mystery ones it seems…

Midsummer Jumper

Thank you Wycliffe and Midsummer Murders. 

My designs won’t be identical to these – but the general construction appeals and there is where my neurons start their journey of consideration and problem solving.  My brain loves to analyse combinations of visual and tactile – I “hear” colour as musical notes and I “taste” words.

Probably why I struggle with appreciating a beautiful plate of food – I love to eat it, but don’t really get anything out of the way it is presented – and I have often been accused when I did cook of just piling it on like school dinners…

Very simple silhouettes offers the opportunity to use quite complicated patterns and colours in ways which appear uncontrived and spontaneous.  That is my theory anyway and how I tackle design construction.  Why do something so complicated in shape, which then overpowers the time and effort and subtlety of using hand spun, hand dyed wool to construct?

According to an article in Selvedge this month – written by Caroline Barry – our brain has an ability to discern the relationship between repetition and variation and this is why we use the brain’s perceptual and discriminative abilities to evaluate in aesthetic terms the craftsmanship behind a project. (apologies to the author – my paraphrase of what she said – altered in a way that applies to me…).

In other words – I see something – my brain sparks off the question – “how was that made?” – I then dissect and remake the piece using the skills and knowledge I have – tweaking it to fit me or fit for some other purpose, decorating it with patterns which are pleasing to me and hopefully others.  The article describes the “order” of hand-knitted stitches..   I am definitely in that category.  I love order in anything.  That is why I enjoy accounts so much. 

I can’t do much about the chaos in our life, but getting it down on spread sheets and paper gives me a sense of “order” or at least understanding.  I can also quantifiably see how I am spending my time which is also satisfying.  Much the same way as a cumulative number of stitches made over many hours of crafting becomes a product at the end…


Off to put some order into my knitting bags…lots of things on the go at the moment, mostly sock making.

Oh and I have managed to get a place in October for the Plug n Play - P3 2012 being run in Wales by Brenda Dayne and Amy Singer.  Hopefully my world will be more ordered and I will be recovered enough to communicate with other humans… well knitters !!! 

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